June 17, 2024

A new record in the Bitcoin network, the cancellation of the largest airdrop in history and other key events of the week

The outgoing week was remembered for another decline in the price of bitcoin, the cancellation of the airdrop for 2 billion XLM, and the launch of newDerivatives on Bakkt and the announcement of the ICO Darknet Marketplace of prohibited products Hydra. Read about these and other events in the traditional Sunday digest.


Bitcoin is again in the red zone

Bitcoin closes the week in the red - if on Monday the quotes were close to breaking through the resistance at the level of $7850, then on Sunday the price is balancingon the verge near the important support level of $7070.

A new record in the Bitcoin network, the cancellation of the largest airdrop in history and other key events of the week

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Despite a significant increase in the number of long positions on Bitfinex and the formation of a rare bullish "golden cross" pattern on the weekly chart, analysts are pessimistic.This month, the price has so far managed to stay above the psychological mark of $7000, but many expect$6,500 in the near future.

A new record in the Bitcoin network, the cancellation of the largest airdrop in history and other key events of the week

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The head of the Bitcoin exchange BitMEX did not rule outcontinued bear market in the coming year, but expressed confidence that the bottom is the mark of $ 3,000, where, according to him, the break-even point of miners is located. In the long run, he believes in renewing a historic high amid accelerating inflation around the world.

Meanwhile, the share of Chinese miners in the bitcoin hash reached 66%, of which the majority are doing business in Sichuan, where electricity prices are much lower than global prices.

A new record in the Bitcoin network, the cancellation of the largest airdrop in history and other key events of the week

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The concentration of miners is also recorded in Russia and Canada.

New Bitcoin Record

In the current month, the total number of bitcoin addresses withnon-zero balance reached the next maximum of 28.39 million. However, this indicator does not give a clear idea of ​​the number of users, but some observers are convinced that it is much higher.


Hydra Darknet Marketplace Token Sale

This week, industry was shocked by the news of Hydra's darknet-banned goods market plans for a token sale to develop an anonymous AspaNET network and other solutions.

ForkLog figured out the consequences of this event,spoke with representatives of law enforcement agencies and explained why potential investors would put themselves at extremely high risk by trying to take part in the campaign.

Explain why Hydra ICOs are risks for investors and a challenge for the police

Innovation and Initiative

Japanese company Nayuta announced the releasethe world's first non-custodian “mobile Lightning wallet with a built-in full bitcoin node”. The application was created for Android OS devices and uses the LND client from Lightning Labs.

At the same time, Blockstream's Chief Strategy Officer Samson Mow announced the completion of testing the technologyatomic branch paymentsproblem-orientedScaling up the Lightning Network with limited access to liquidity. This means that soon the network will be able to process larger amounts than today.

Once again, Twitter head Jack Dorsey decided to support the development of experimental technology. His company Square will provide a grant to the developer of the Lightning Network under the nickname ZmnSCPxj.

They didn’t give the exact amount, but indicated that ZmnSCPxj “will be able to leave a permanent job for 14 years.”

Twitter, meanwhile, intends to finance the development of a decentralized standard for social networks.Changpeng "CZ" Zhao has already offered his assistance in the implementation of the initiative.

In Latin America, they introduced a DeFi service onBitcoin sidechain base RSK. Money on Chain has created an ecosystem based on three tokens, similar to the MakerDAO project. The new protocol implements geographic blocks, since the service is aimed at residents of Latin American countries.

New Products From Bakkt

Bakkt cryptocurrency platform for institutional investors has launched two new derivatives: settlement futures and options on bitcoin. Both products are based on supplying bitcoin futures.

The first block deal with options was held on December 12 by the Galaxy Digital crypto-bank and the XBTO platform.

Weekly volume for month-long futures on Bakkt totaled $ 75 million.


Cancellation of the largest airdrop in history

Nonprofit Organization Stellar DevelopmentThe Foundation (SDF) refused to continue its 2 billion XLM airdrop among Keybase messenger users. The reason for the SDF called the mass registration of fake users.

As a result, the campaign will be limited to only 300 million tokens.

New Fiat at Binance

Binance Bitcoin Exchange has partnered with a P2P platform to purchase Paxful Bitcoin, which supports 167 fiat currencies.

Binance users have the opportunity to purchase Bitcoin through Paxful for 10 fiat currencies, including the Russian ruble, euro and British pound.

The exchange also added fiat gateways for Brazil and Argentina, which will allow residents of these countries to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin and Binance USD.

The long-awaited launch of Filecoin

The developers of the decentralized Filecoin storage platform launched a test network.

Taxes at the door

Ministry of Economy and Finance of South Koreaprepare a bill on the introduction of capital gains tax for transactions with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Corresponding changes may come into force next year.

In the meantime, the Danish Revenue Authority has begunsend letters to local traders with a request to provide comprehensive information about cryptocurrency transactions over the past few years. In addition to profit and loss information from 2016 to 2018, users must provide data on asset rates at the time of the transaction, the purpose of the acquisition, as well as information about the created wallets.

Sunday Longrid

Forklog tried to figure out the featuresThe "first fair cryptocurrency" Prizm, which was blessed by father Vsevolod from the Russian Orthodox Church, and then once again "sanctified" by showman Nikita Dzhigurda - but already with "black magic". And if it seemed to you that this is enough to realize the true nature of the “popular cryptocurrency”, then this has not even begun.

“DNR”, MMM and Prizm: how a follower of Sergey Mavrodi created a “holy” cryptocurrency, and what does Dzhigurda have to do with it

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This week we talked about security tokens and STOs with the creators of the Security Token Club, Maria and Ksenia Vyazemsky.

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