September 21, 2023

ZiChain strengthens the team

ZiChain strengthens the team

Sergey Kovtunenko from UBS will become Zichain's Executive Director, where he will be responsible for launching the line cryptocurrency index funds

Moscow, July 17, 2018 - Sergey Kovtunenko,one of the leading professionals in the financial market in Russia with 13 years of experience working in major global and Russian investment banks, has been appointed executive director of the Zichain group of companies specializing in digital asset management.

In his new position, Mr. Kovtunenko will heada brokerage company ZiChange, a member of the group, focused on institutional, corporate and private clients, a trading platform for converting digital assets into major world currencies, as well as the direction of Index Cryptocurrency Funds - TheIndex.Fund.

The tasks of Mr. Kovtunenko will include the conclusion tothe market for the line of cryptocurrency index funds, a unique product of the Zichain group of companies, designed to make the world of digital assets accessible to a wide range of investors.

Before joining Zichain, Mr. Kovtunenko worked for 4 years at UBS Wealth Management, previously at Troika Dialog and Sberbank Private Banking.

Company Information:

Zichain - an international group of companies,specializing in digital asset management, which launched the world's first cryptocurrency index line in December 2017. Combining the vast experience of the world of traditional finance with advanced technologies, the Zichain team has created simple, safe and reliable solutions that allow each user to successfully invest in cryptocurrencies, track the dynamics of their investments and receive the most relevant market information.

Zichain focuses on developing severalkey products: a unique and convenient platform for asset managers who can launch their own funds; index funds, a multilingual information and analytical portal based on artificial intelligence and a licensed crypto broker.