March 28, 2023

YouTube removed cryptocurrency videos without warning

YouTube removed cryptocurrency videos without warning

YouTube video hosting without warning deleted several videos about cryptocurrencies. Company representatives reported that the videos do not comply with the rules of the site and fall into the categories: “harmful or dangerous content” and “sale of goods for which special control is established”.

Cryptocurrency blogger Chris Dunnreported that YouTube employees blocked the bulk of its videos. The American has been uploading videos of digital assets for 10 years, has gained over 200,000 subscribers, and the total number of views of his vlogs has exceeded 7 million. Dann’s instructions on investing and trading cryptocurrencies were on the forbidden list. Chris’s channel also received one strike, if YouTube issues a second warning, Dunn will not be able to publish content for two weeks.

Cryptoblogger Omar Bham asked his fansSubscribe to his account on the LBRY decentralized platform in case YouTube removes his channel or videos. Node Investor user, who publishes materials on virtual currencies and blockchain, has also been repressed by American video hosting. According to him, the firm’s specialists blocked a video about researching the digital assets market due to the fact that it violates the requirements for content on the distribution of products under special control (for example, tobacco and alcohol).

Node Investor believes YouTube has changedcryptocurrency policies. Most likely, the company was forced to modify the rules due to the fact that in some states the sale of digital assets is restricted or prohibited.