February 20, 2024

Cryptocurrency theft malware videos appear on YouTube

Videos have appeared on YouTube advertising a tool that generates private keys for Bitcoin. Actuallyin fact, behind them is the Predator the Thief trojan, stealing crypto assets.

The video says that the program will helppick up a key to any bitcoin wallet and access it. However, in fact, a fake private key generator is advertised, upon downloading which the computer becomes infected with the Predator the Thief Trojan. This malware allows attackers to gain access to all passwords and data of the victim, use a webcam and track cryptocurrency transactions.


Download descriptions provide download linksinfected program via Google Drive and Yandex.Disk. The archive is called Crypto World.zip, it contains the installation file with a protected ZIP folder that is infected by the Predator the Thief trojan. After a successful installation, the program interacts with the command server of the attackers, uploading to it all the extracted information, passwords and files.

Cybersecurity experts advise anyone whobecame victims of this virus, immediately change passwords on all sites, including cryptocurrency exchanges. Experts strongly recommend that you refrain from downloading any programs on YouTube that promise "easy money", whether it be fiat or cryptocurrency.

In May, attackers spread viruses andTrojans under the guise of free distribution of bitcoins and ethers. In addition, hackers can spread viruses by creating fraudulent sites and disguising themselves as trading platforms.