September 27, 2023

US Agencies List North Korean Alleged Crypto Crime List

US Agencies List North Korean Alleged Crypto Crime List

The US government in its new warning outlined an aggressive set of countermeasures that, according to According to him, they can interfere with the implementation of highly profitable and often cryptocurrency global campaigns to combat cybercrime in North Korea.

Pointing to a detailed list of cyber attacks,allegedly initiated by North Korean government officials, US government departments, the Treasury and Homeland Departments, as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), have claimed that the Hermit Kingdom’s cash flow reduction, which allegedly amounts to billions of dollars earned over the past two years, including $ 1.5 billion through cryptography, are vital to stopping the development of weapons of mass destruction by the rogue regime.

“We urge governmentsindustry, civil society and individuals to take all necessary actions "to prevent future attacks, agencies said. This includes the introduction of tough anti-money laundering mechanisms for digital currency, the expulsion of North Korean IT workers, adherence to best cyber practices and interaction with law enforcement agencies.

Together, these steps can help mitigate the threat.which the US government calls "Hidden Cobra." The crypto focus of this criminal activity model dates back to at least May 2017, when the WannaCry ransomware attack infected hundreds of thousands of computers and demanded bitcoins as a ransom. World governments have accused North Koreans of hacking.

Since then, according to US agencies,Hidden Cobra criminals are carrying out increasingly sophisticated and diverse cyber campaigns - including several stories that are completely dependent on digital currency.

These campaigns are expected to be only noticeable. It is expected that in 2020 the country will intensify its activities, and its network of crypto-money laundering worth 1.5 billion dollars will continue.

“DPRK also uses cyber capabilities totheft from financial institutions and demonstrated the nature of destructive and harmful cyber activity, which is completely incompatible with international cyberspace standards, ”US agencies say.

US officials adhere to politicsabsolute intolerance. Virgil Griffith, Ethereum developer, was accused in early 2020 of participating in a cryptocurrency conference in North Korea, where he is accused of describing how blockchain systems can be used to circumvent sanctions.

North Korea categorically denied allegations of theft of up to $ 2 billion in fiat funds and cryptocurrencies, calling the allegations "nothing more than an unpleasant game." The rest of the world disagrees.

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