July 24, 2024

Trend Micro discovered a new hidden miner virus for Linux

Computer security specialists from the antivirus company Trend Micro have discovered a new miner virusSkidmap for the Linux operating system, which hides its activities.

Augusto Remillano II (Augusto Remillano II) and JakubUrbanec (Jakub Urbanec) reported that the new miner virus is different from previously detected malware. It downloads and installs modified Linux kernel modules in order to hide its activities.

Using the rootkit virus minerSkidmap goes unnoticed by various system monitoring tools. In addition, the malware provides full access to the infected system for hackers. Computer security experts note:

“Skidmap organizes a back door for hackers andreplaces the pam_unix.so system file with its own malicious version. This module allows you to use a specific password for any computer users, so that attackers can log in as any user. ”

Recently, McAfee antivirus company reported that the number of installations of malware for cryptocurrency mining for the 1st quarter of this year increased by 29% compared to the previous quarter.