January 31, 2023

Experts have found a miner virus under Linux. It fully controls the PC

Experts have found a miner virus under Linux. It fully controls the PC
Miner virus targets Linux

Two cybersecurity analysts discover new hidden miner virus for Linux operating systems. Malicious software not only extracts cryptocurrency, but can also do anything with an infected computer.

Skidmap miner virus attacks Linux users

Two Trend Micro cybersecurity experts, Augusto Remilano II and Jakub Urbanets, found the Skidmap virus miner, which was specially developed for Linux operating systems.

According to experts, the danger of the virus lies in the fact that it loads infected kernel modules into the system. This allows the program to hide miningMining
- type of activity for creating new blocksBitcoin block
Is an element of the blockchain chain, a set of records aboutcompleted transactions in the cryptocurrency network. More details in the blockchain chain to ensure the smooth operation of the system. The etymology of the term: from English “mining”, which means “mining”.
More details from Linux security systems.

Thanks to this, hackers can also gain full control over the user's system, because Skidmap secretly sets a master password, which gives it access to all files on the PC.

  • The company did not report how many Linux users could suffer from Skidmap
  • In late August, McAfee said thatfound a virus miner imprisoned for the iOS operating system. In general, cases of detection of such malware increased by 29% in the 1st quarter of 2019 compared with the last three months of 2018