April 21, 2024

The slogan “Bitcoin is the future” was chosen for the pre-election campaign in Holland

In the course of the selection of the President of the Liberal Partnership in the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania, the Governor of the Republic of Lithuania installed a row of shields in the support of thecryptocurrencies.

In the image published in the Valentaine account on Twitter, the leader of the Liberal Party, with glowing eyes, is depicted in the entire communion - "Bitkoeein".

This party is one of the 37 candidates for a place in the Palace of Presidents of the Netherlands, all general elections are held today, March 17.

“I wanted to say something that would stand out andwould show people that we took bitcoin as a revolutionary solution, - said Balantine in the YouTube channel BitcoinMeister. "We want to fundamentally change the system, and bitcoin and blockchain will help with this."

Any political party in the Netherlands canReceive one place in the Board of presenters for every 0.67% of votes. B ctpane ppozhivaet bolee 17 millionov chelovek of kotopyx ppimepno 12.8 milliona zapegictpipovalic for golocovaniya nA poclednix vybopax 2017 godu, a oznachaet IT'S chto libeptapianckoy paptii potpebuetcya poddepzhka From 70 000 to 90 000 chtoby poluchit xotya would odno mecto. At present, the party has no place in the House of Representatives, four years ago it received only 0.01% of votes.

“The Libertarian Party has openly declared about itsSupported by bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies and was one of the first political parties that started accepting donations in a cryptocurrency 201 in the car. Bitcoin meets the criteria of a stable currency, ”added the politician.

The effect of "laser eyes" used onbillboards, has become a fairly popular reception among the visible presenters of the crypto space, a symbol of acceptance and optimistic attitude. In this view, we were represented by the star Shark Tank Kevin O'Leeee, the US Bayoing Senator Cynthia Lammis and the Tesla General Director Ilon Macc.