May 21, 2024

High-speed investment company invested in bitcoin $ 58 million

Aker ASA's trading company, which is registered in Oklo for $ 6 billion, is available for investment in Bitcoin.Compatible with the ppecc-pelise,Published on Monday, Aker has created a new company called Seetee AS, whose mission is to invest in bitcoin (BTC).

Also recently created Seetee will be released for salemining bitcoin, strive to establish a partnership with the big players in the crypto space. It is believed that Seetee has already entered into a partnership agreement with Blockstream.

According to the General Director of the Blockstream company, which is occupied with the bitcoin infrastructure, the company will be warmly working with c Seetee in the area of ​​BTC mining and intrusion.

Look at what the government of HopweigThe subsidies of electricity to miners of BTC have been reduced since November 2018, the bitcoin mining activity in the country has always been a very good one.

According to the Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index, the country is taking the first place in the world every hour.

The statement to the press also says that the new company will seek to invest in other companies operating in the sphere of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Aker will donate 500 million Norwegian crowns ($ 58mln) for the initial capitalization of Seetee, which will be invested in BTC. This step marks a departure from Aker's usual investments in oil and marine biotechnology.

"Today we announced the Seetee Launch! We are a new company in the Aker group and will invest in interesting projects and companies in the entire bitcoin economy.Bitcoin is our Kazakh aktiv. Our first purchase amounted to 1170 BTC, our strategy is hodling," the company's Twitter account reads.

Explaining the reason for investing in bitcoins, Aker CEO Oyvind Eriksen noted:

"With the help of Seetee Group Aker, we are still one of the most important companies in the field of programming and financial technologies.In particular, we are willing to introduce an active inclusion in this sphere."