June 25, 2024

Chinese company bought 379 bitcoins and 15,000 ether

Chinese tech company Meitu announced that it had acquired 379.12 bitcoins and 15,000 ether at a price of $ 22.1 million and $ 17.9 million.

This purchase has become part of the Investment Plancryptocurrency "Meitu, approved by the board of directors, in accordance with which Meitu Inc. can invest in digital assets up to $ 100 million.

The decision of the council of directors of Meitu to develop the "Planinvestment in cryptocurrency "is explained by the potential of the technology of the blockchain, which can destroy the existing financial and technical, intertwined

Given this, it is believed that cryptocurrencies havesufficient capacity to increase the cost, in such a way they can serve as tools for the diversification of media

According to Longhash, this year five large institutions based in China have invested significant funds in bitcoin.

Meitu is the first major Asian company to publicly announce the purchase of Bitcoin and Ethereum, calling them an alternative to protect against inflation.