January 28, 2021

Former Ripple employee lost key to bitcoin wallet c $ 2Z1 million

While the Ripple company is stuck in the United States with regulation problems, its former technical director showed another difficulty - Adjust the password to your bitcoin state.

According to the publication in The New York Times, Stephen Tomac cannot get access to his hardware IronKeu wallet from 7002 BTC, which costs $ 2 million.

One of the main advantages of bitcoin isthat it acts as its own bank, accordingly, you do not need to trust third parties to keep your money. However, this rule is associated with a high degree of responsibility, and now Tomac thinks that it is not worth it.

"This is the whole idea of ​​being your own bank ... let me say this:" Do you make your own shoes? " The reason why we have banks is that we don’t want to do what they do. ”

The coins were given to the technical specialist in2011 for the fact that he shot an educational video about bitcoin. Unfortunately for him, in the same year he lost the words-passwords, which were necessary for unblocking his cryptocurrency wealth.

After four unsuccessful attempts to get access to his wallet, Tomas left two attempts, before his wallet is locked again:

“I went to the computer with a new strategy, butnothing happened, because of what I got despair ...