February 4, 2023

The Russian government sent the Rostech blockchain roadmap to a “deep” revision

Roadmaps using blockchain technology and quantum sensors have been sent by the Russian government for revision. This decision was made jointly with experts and large companies after stress tests of seven digital roadmaps.

The corresponding statement following the Global Technology Leadership forum in Sochi was made by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov, MK writes.

In July, the Russian government and large Russian companies signed a series of agreements on the development of digital technologies, under which the parties had to develop appropriate roadmaps.

Each technology also received a “curator” fromlarge companies: Sberbank became responsible for artificial intelligence, Rostec - for quantum sensors, blockchain and the Internet of things, Rostelecom and Rostec - for wireless communication technologies (5G), Rosatom - for quantum computing, Russian Railways - for quantum communications.

“The result is this: Five directions not only received principal approval, but all the basic decisions laid down in the roadmaps were agreed. We sent two roadmaps to a rather deep study - these are quantum sensors and distributed registry technologies (blockchain), ” - said Akimov.

What kind of "deep refinement" is needed, the official did not specify.

Earlier, the authors of the document, in whose work the Waves platform also took part, assessed the risks associated with the introduction of blockchain in the Russian economy.