September 25, 2022

Verizon has developed a virtual SIM card on the blockchain

Verizon has developed a virtual SIM card on the blockchain

Telecommunications company Verizon has patented the technology of virtual SIM cards with cryptographic protection on the blockchain, which can completely replace physical counterparts.

As described in the patent application, usingspecial software on a mobile device creates a user account that allows you to store one or more vSIM and bind to them various network services of your choice. After that, the phone creates an entry in the blockchain, including a certificate of a virtual SIM card and IMSI - a number for international subscriber identity. Next, the vSIM certificate is tied to the account and can be activated.

The nodes involved in the network keep records of records andform a distributed consistent network, which Verizon calls the vSIM blockchain. All transactions have timestamps and are stored in blocks encrypted with cryptography, which protects the system from third-party interference.

The vSIM blockchain will have a hash tree structure forensure efficiency, prevent given damage and change it. Thanks to this, vSIM can be moved and assigned to any of the mobile devices associated with the account, or transferred to other users.

The operator will be responsible for backing up all data and the API set.

Digital technologies are quickly penetrating into all aspects of our lives, for example, in Brazil, they have already begun issuing blockchain birth certificates.