January 28, 2023

The death of hedge funds | Debugi | Septoplasty | API API

I considered major hedge fund falls in order not to repeat mistakes, but I couldn’t bear anything sensible.

Everything too or blurry or very distant / big / old problems ..

It would be more effective to listen to ordinary guys who tried to do or are doing their own foundation, are there any?

I leave a link to what I’ve looked and assembled, MB who will be interested: https://teletype.in/@dr.sombre/Sk8AFx33B

For those who put the pluses, special thanks and a fifth in karma)

3 days without a break debut your samopisny testerI’ve already got sick of a reversing strategy) I did everything very crookedly, but it seems that I have little left and finally I can see the effectiveness in the past and on different assets.
Subscribers to chat added interesting services,where you can be realized as a trader, trading on API and the investor receives the transaction with a mirror. So I understand the analogue of "collective2", but for crypto. The other day I’ll evaluate, I’ll try, I will say what happened and whether it’s worth it. Mb there myself and I will keep a public "journal" for the future.
By the way, maybe they will help with this issue) A lot of effort goes into searching and evaluating a septoplasty surgeon, I need an operation, if anyone did it in Moscow, let me know where, from whom and how it was?
P.S. How I build my hedge fund, research, deals and problems along the way, I write everything in my small telegram blog, I will be glad to support and advice - https://t.me/drsombre