February 1, 2023

About the hedge fund, the one who is against Trump. / Thinking out loud.

Fund Farallon looked, useful for the world, investment based on fundamental analysis.
And now its creator drowns for impeachment trump‍

teletype.in/@dr.sombre/r1nJUQTsB (How to make a thought normal?)
By position:
Short BTCUSD went well, didn’t earn much, of course, the volume of the position was small due to the fluctuation of the strategy, but in general the movements are caught well.
It seems like a fall due to a sheer in China about the closure of crypto exchangers. I keep the position on.

According to ETHBTC, the long was covered, somewhere in a 0.7% loss (the protective SL knocked out with the tail), in connection with the Chinese trip, did not manage to fill out the magazine and draw up an accurate result.

One of these days I’ll do it and I will upload the last 10 deals and how slowly the deposit merges)
It is interesting to communicate with subscribers, a lot of tips, thanks.

I learned about the collective2 service, where you can conduct your trading and the service mirrors the deal to investors. It would be necessary to start similar ones in advance to build up a reputation.

The idea does not leave that many who want to be engaged only in development and research, they have working strategies, but there is no capital for management. And the direction is already different.
And what would you like to continue to raise your own risks or to build strategies with 1000% per annum, or have an alternative source of income, which still will not give the necessary self-realization ...

So, I think MB should focus more on what I can do best, business, and make a fund according to the guarantor model

Ala fund of funds, or fund of teams. A dozen separate teams, all knead into one, do software mirror, financial flow management, marketing and fundraising.

I already made this attempt, but then the failure was in the personal incompetence of defining strategies, now it has become better.

P.S. How I build my hedge fund, research, deals and problems along the way, I write everything in my small telegram blog, I will be glad to support and advice - t.me/drsombre