November 29, 2023

The court ordered Craig Wright to provide information on addresses from 1.1 million BTC by March 12

The Southern District of Florida court ordered Craig Wright to provide information on a list of addresses by March 12,which is 1.1 million BTC.

We would like to remind you that this amount was the subject of legal proceedings.Craig Wright's proceedings with the family of his deceased business partner Dave Kleiman. Wright provided a list of these addresses in January and claims he cannot access them because they are managed by the Tulip Trust.

Wright refuses to tell the court how hereceived this list, citing confidentiality of correspondence with his lawyer. Wright tried to confirm his arguments by a statement by Kenyan lawyer Denis Bosire Mayaka, which for some reason was not notarized.

The letter states that Mayaka represents CraigWright and Wright International Investments and is advised by Tulip Trust. However, instead of notarizing that the letter was actually sent by the person, Wright provided the court only with a printed version of the lawyer's LinkedIn profile as proof of his qualifications.

As expected, Judge Bruce Reinhart rejected Mayaki’s declaration, given that Wright had previously provided fake documents in this case.

“I refuse to rely on a document like this, which can be put together by anyone with a word processor and a pen,” — Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart said.

In January, Craig Wright said he had gained access toSatoshi's mined bitcoins, but Wright's lawyer later reported that his client did not actually have access to Satoshi's private keys, and only had a list of public addresses.