March 25, 2023

Craig Wright's keys to a wallet with 1.1 million BTC turned out to be a list of bitcoin addresses

Pretending to be the creator of bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto Australian businessman Craig Wright, throughout apparently didn’t get access to wallets,which contains 1.1 million bitcoins. According to the family of his late business partner Dave Kleiman, Wright handed over to the court only a list of 16,404 bitcoin addresses allegedly belonging to him.

Plaintiffs ’motion for ninety day extension of pretrial deadlines by ForkLog on Scribd

“Wright did not provide any information about the financially obligated courier, which company he / she works for, when he / she arrived, or the content of the transmitted message.” - said the plaintiffs.

Thus, this information does not allow access to the indicated 1.1 million bitcoins.

Kleiman's family asked the court to adjourn90-day trial in order to be able to study Wright's documents in more detail for any information about the courier. They also prepared seven questions for the entrepreneur to clarify previously unannounced details of the case.

On Tuesday, January 14, Craig Wright notified the court,that a third party allegedly provided him with “the necessary information and part of the key to unlock the encrypted file”, which allows access to part of the Tulip Trust’s blind trust funds. In total, the accounts of the trust presumably contain $ 9.6 billion in cryptocurrency mined by him together with Dave Kleiman.

Earlier, Craig Wright was repeatedly convicted by a court of forging documents directly related to the case under consideration, for example, correspondence with Kleiman and a list of public bitcoin addresses.