March 4, 2024

Andreas Antonopoulos invited to testify in the Craig Wright case

The trial of Ira Kleiman, brother of the late mathematician Dave Kleiman, v.self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator Craig Wright will continue in the coming weeks, and one of those invited to testify in court was the notorious Andreas Antonopoulos, writes

To give evidence in a court of New YorkThe Bitcoin Evangelist and best-selling author of cryptocurrencies was invited by the side of the Kleimanov family. According to the lists of experts invited by the lawyers of the parties, Antonopoulos was invited to testify on January 7, although his appearance in court has not yet been confirmed.

Andreas Antonopoulos invited to testify in the Craig Wright case


Wright's representatives, in turn, invitedScottish writer and publicist Andrew O'Hogan, who was previously engaged by the Australian entrepreneur to write about the life of Satoshi Nakamoto and is believed to have spent several months with him. Hogan wrote about this in 2016 in his article The Satoshi Affair in the London Review of Books, of which he was editor at the time.

The majority of the Bitcoin community, however,did not take O'Hogan's publication seriously, and not only because he is not an expert in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, but also because by that time there were already enough reasons to doubt Wright's claims about his involvement in the creation of Bitcoin.

Andrew O'Hogan has been tentatively invited to appear in court in London on January 15, and Craig Wright himself is scheduled to appear there on the same day, as well as on January 14.

In August 2018, Wright lost the courttrial against relatives of the late Dave Kleiman, who in the past was his business partner. The court decided to recover from Wright more than half a million bitcoins in favor of the plaintiff, having recognized the documents of the defense side as falsified.

After this, the parties discussed the possibility of a globalagreement, but in the end, Wright admitted that he could not pay the money to Dave Kleiman's relatives. Kleiman’s lawyers, however, believe that the Australian entrepreneur has access to bitcoins, and the story of the encrypted keys to the trust was invented to confuse the traces.

In late December, Wright submitted a letter to the court,according to which, on January 1, he was supposed to gain access to 1,100,111 BTC, but after a short time he himself said that information that would help detect frozen coins might not be at his disposal.