June 22, 2024

Social network Twitter added a smile with bitcoin

Social network Twitter added a smile with bitcoin

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted the newly added Bitcoin emoji and tagged it with Unicode, a consortium ofManaging the dominant character encoding standard on the Internet.

Dorsey probably encouraged the nonprofit organization to follow the example of the social network and add the bitcoin sign to the universal character set (UCS). Before the tag, he added “cc” - I am sending a copy.

The tweetgarnered a lot of enthusiastic comments, and the head of Lightning Labs, ElizabethStark supported Dorsey's call, but it was noted in the comments that Unicode already providedTwo ways to encode a bitcoin symbol, for example,U + 20BF.

Creating Bitcoin Emoji on Twitter Boostsawareness of the largest cryptocurrency, as the CEO of the social network Jack Dorsey and the entire cryptocurrency community enthusiastically began to share them.

Other reputable members of the community alsoapproved the initiative, thanks to which it ultimately expanded beyond the online space. These include well-known Bitcoin proponent Anthony Pompliano and Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao. TRON CEO Justin Sun did not pass by either.

Some crypto enthusiasts have decided that the appearance of their own emoticons on a widely used platform on social networks can be a catalyst for a bull race.

Interestingly, Twitter usually charges brands.a fee, more than $ 1 million of which are used to create unique emoticons. In the absence of the company owner of the brand or founder, Bitcoin received its design collection absolutely free.

Of course, the point is also in the more than loyal attitude of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey himself, who is not the first time to prove his commitment to innovative technologies and bitcoin.

In fact, Twitter can be called the most importantsocial network platform for promoting bitcoin and digital assets. As we recall, Facebook banned the advertising of cryptocurrencies, and later announced the creation of its own token, which led to thoughts of unfair competition.

On the other hand, Google’s YouTube-based video sharing platform, recently removed content on digital currencies, causing a storm of indignation among bloggers and their subscribers.


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