February 4, 2023

Horizon - Facebook's Virtual Reality Social Network (VR)

</span>(VR) from Facebook ”src =” / wp-content / uploads / 2019/09 / 2e81a6dccfb834f4963be603e55af220.png ”alt =” Horizon is a social network of virtual reality (VR) from Facebook ”/></p>

At the Oculus Connect event, Facebook announced that it was developing its own social network of virtual reality (VR), similar to MMO virtual reality, Horizon.

Horizon is an “interconnected globe” wherevirtual avatars meet, play games, hang out and form their own environment. The demo shows footless avatars creating works of art, flying airplanes, and more.

The statement said that users will be able to create their own projects:

“Everyone will have the opportunity to create new worlds and activities from scratch - from tropical places to interactive arenas. No programming experience is required.

Regardless of interests - construction, games orjust hanging out, Horizon will provide a friendly environment. This will be achievable with new tools, assistance to Horizon residents and answers to their questions. ”

October 25, the social networking platform will closetheir current VR projects Oculus Rooms and Facebook Spaces, at least before the launch of Horizon. Facebook Spaces was introduced in 2017, its goal is to watch movies, chat and selfie in virtual reality with colleagues. Oculus Rooms appeared in 2016 as a private virtual apartment.

But this duo had narrow social functions,which were essentially limited to preparing for full-fledged virtual reality games. Horizon, in turn, is designed to fully spend time in the game.

Horizon begins with a city square where people can decide how they will look and what to wear. To do this, inclusive and extensive tools for avatars have been developed.

Probably in a decade and a half facebook onits form will begin to become obsolete, now users are looking for interesting ways to communicate. If the platform does not innovate, then other projects will do it.