December 5, 2023

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey: Bitcoin is the “best bet” on the Internet

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey: Bitcoin — "best bet" in the Internet

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey once again praised the first cryptocurrency over its competitors.

In an interview with TheSydney Morning Herald Dorsey said he is more focused on promoting Bitcoin than on creating his own cryptocurrency.

I think Bitcoin is the best bet because it is the most stable, – Dorsey stated.

The CEO said that in his 10 yearsexistence of Bitcoin was able to prove its effectiveness. In his opinion, today it is the only one that deserves the title of national currency within the Internet, but cannot yet claim the title of a full-fledged currency. For global recognition, the leading cryptocurrency will have to undergo a long adaptation.

Dorsey is currently promoting his cryptoSquare in Australia. He added that using BTC is much more interesting than developing a Libra-style currency for Twitter or Square. The entrepreneur continues to firmly believe in Bitcoin and is engaged in its promotion to the masses.