September 25, 2023

“Selling Bitcoin early.” Mark Yusko has warned cryptocurrency investors

Morgan Creek Capital Management's CEO has compared a major digital coin to Amazon.

Course fluctuations Bitcoin is normal, so a dropup to $ 8,000 cannot be a reason to sell, said Morgan Creek Capital Management CEO Mark Yusko. He recalled that all indicators of the asset increased this year, including hashrate, transaction volume and the number of addresses.

Yusko compares the first cryptocurrency with a companyAmazon, whose stock price has increased from $ 1.73 to $ 1800 in 22 years. According to him, despite the temporary decline in the value of securities, which twice reached 90%, in the entire history of its existence there was no suitable time for sale.

Mid-August Morgan CEOCreek Capital Management advised investing 1-5% of capital in Bitcoin to protect its funds during global economic instability. Yusko added that the value of the first cryptocurrency network is growing every year.