February 8, 2023

Viber can launch its cryptocurrency Rakuten Coin in Russia

Viber can launch its cryptocurrency Rakuten Coin in Russia

Viber, a popular messenger in Russia, plans to launch its own cryptocurrency in our country. About this in An interview with Kommersant was told by the head of the company, Jamel Agaua.

Viber cryptocurrency goes to Russia

In recent months, we have been tightly focusedon cryptocurrencies from Facebook and Telegram, but Viber's plans have been known for a long time. Let the messenger not have such a high profile as the two above-mentioned competitors, but the fact remains that it has a huge audience in Russia, and soon it can gain access to cryptocurrency.

In an interview, Agaua noted that to launchCryptocurrencies in the global arena need to resolve many legal issues. At the moment, the regulators of many countries have not yet decided on how they should relate to new financial instruments.

This is due to frank slowness andslowness of financial overseers: they are accustomed to the existing mechanisms and did not pay due attention to progressive technologies. The result is a situation in which business is ready to develop the digital industry, but governments are not.

What prevents the launch of Rakuten Coin in the world?

Cryptocurrency messenger should be namedRakuten Coin, taken from the owner of Viber. Despite the fact that this organization is located in Japan, it is not yet planned to launch a digital currency in its homeland. If everything goes smoothly, Russia could be the first country to appear in Rakuten Coin.

According to various sources, Viber’s user baseRussia is about 50 million people. Despite the fact that the messenger is inferior to WhatsApp in this indicator, the audience is really huge. Another question is what will be the demand for cryptocurrency among these people. Mostly the messenger is used by older people, among whom the interest in innovative financial services is not as high as we would like.

Finally, Agaua said that now his companyclosely monitors the fate of the cryptocurrency Libra from Facebook. Moreover, the messenger decided not to take any steps on the world stage until the position of regulators regarding the Zuckerberg project becomes clear. This decision seems logical, given the general uncertainty and risks inherent in the path of pioneers.