November 29, 2023

Scientists create material that can conduct both electricity and light

Scientists create material that can conduct both electricity and light

The researchers proposed the concept of a material from a new type of matter that can conduct both electrons and photons without scattering and energy loss.

Every year, during the operation of power lines, motors and various equipment, a huge amount of energy is lost when it is moved.Therefore, one of the most important challenges of the 21st century is to find a way to produce and transmit energy with minimal losses.

Although mankind has known about the existence of superconductors and exciton capacitors for more than a century,in practice they are very difficult to create and maintain. This is partly due to the fact that scientists still do not fully understand the fundamental principles of their work.

However a team of researchers from chicagousing computer simulation, the university discovered a configuration of a completely new type of material in which various types of energy get entangled at the quantum level and are immaterially connected together.

This will potentially create doublecondensates of excitons and fermion pairs, which can exist even on a macroscopic scale. This means that such condensates can be implemented in new materials, such as bilayer superconductors. The team has already begun conducting experiments to create them.

The prospect of combining superconductivity and exciton condensates will open up enormous opportunities for electronics and quantum computers.

Earlier, we also reported on the development by researchers of a project for a quantum battery that does not lose charge.