December 5, 2022

Scammers on behalf of Sam Bankman-Fried offer compensation to FTX victims

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Scammers on behalf of Sam Bankman-Fried offer compensation to FTX victims

Attackers used a fake video with the face of the founder of the FTX exchange to promote on Twitter a site with a suspicious distribution of cryptocurrency.

Twitter user Jason KablerKoebler was the first to report that scammers are using the Sam Bankman-Fried deepfake to offer users affected by the FTX crash to double their holdings. The video literally says:

"Hi all.As you know, our FTX exchange is going bankrupt. But I hasten to inform all users that you should not panic. As compensation for the loss, we have prepared a raffle for you where you can double your crypto assets. To do this, just go to the site *********************.com.

Website registered to a citizen of Nevis,islands off Puerto Rico, is adorned with a Bankman-Fried image and a rolling list of fake transactions to entice victims to send crypto to participate in a raffle with an alleged $100 million prize pool.

"Send the desired number of coins tospecial address. Once we receive your transaction, we will send you the requested amount immediately. You can only enter our giveaway once. Hurry up!” the fake video says.

For greater credibility, the scammers posteda deepfake on a fake Twitter account marked with a blue checkmark. This once again confirmed the opinion of Vitalik Buterin, who last month said that Twitter's anti-fraud system based on verified accounts has completely failed.