August 8, 2022

Russian lost 1.2 million rubles on cryptocurrency fraud

Russian lost 1.2 million rubles on cryptocurrency fraud

A resident of the Novgorod region lost 1.2 million rubles in another cryptocurrency fraud.

Fake the cryptocurrency exchange lured large sums of money from the victim for three months. In total, the Russian transferred 1.2 million rubles to the accounts indicated by the “financial consultant”.

When he wanted to take profit and withdrawmoney, the platform consultant convinced him to pay another 260,000 rubles in taxes and insurance fees. After payment, the connection with the crypto platform was interrupted, and the victim turned to the local police with a statement of fraud.

Similar cases have become more frequent in Russia. In the first half of the year, 78 fake financial companies were identified in the Central region alone, 27 of which turned out to be financial pyramids.

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