May 25, 2022

Rosseti estimated the damage from the mining farm in Makhachkala at 26 million rubles

The company discovered a container in which 95 cryptocurrency mining devices were installed.

On territory of "Makhachkalavodokanal" wasa large mining farm that caused damage to the company Rosseti North Caucasus in the amount of more than 26 million rubles. On the territory of the Vuzovskoye Lake pumping station there was an all-metal container in which 95 devices for cryptocurrency mining were installed, the company's press service reported.

Farm power was 260 kW, illegalelectricity consumption for mining exceeded 4.5 million kWh. According to Rosseti, the equipment was placed by a resident of Makhachkala in collusion with representatives of Makhachkala Vodokanal.

Unmetered electricity consumption wasrevealed during inspection of the electricity metering unit that feeds the pumping station and the mining farm. The amount of electricity consumed by the mining farm was included in the total receivables of the Makhachkala water utility to the branch of Rosseti North Caucasus - Dagenergo, which exceeds 330 million rubles.

Earlier, two residents of Volgograd were suspected in the dachaand receiving bribes in the sale of electricity services. Both detainees were taken into custody. A criminal case has been initiated against them, and investigators are also checking the version of the theft of electricity for the production of cryptocurrency.