May 24, 2022

OneCoin Pyramid News

So, cryptocotics, first, the latest news about the OneCoin pyramid (aka OneLife). Missing BBC Podcast Guys CryptoQueen and CoinTelegraph comrades stood upon the trail of the data of the pyramids and dug up a new portion of shocking information. By the way, in Russia such members of the RAKIB as Andrei Grachev (who was eventually expelled from the RAKIB) and scam Elina Sidorenko overshadowed this pyramid.

The first one. The damage from the activities of the pyramid has long exceeded $ 4 billion, and the figures are far from final. More than 3 million victims worldwide. The thing is that OneCoin will be abruptly MMM. And maybe cooler than Bernie Madoff.

The second one. American law enforcement officers took the ass and drag criminal Mark Lock from the law firm Locke Lord LLP, which (obviously with colleagues) deployed a large washing network (bank accounts, technicals, offshore, denominations, etc.) to "remove" the pyramid grandmothers. In total, he is accused of laundering $ 400 million. NOT BAD. Well, the patient, of course, could not restrain himself and began to live not in official incomes: luxury yachts and cars, expensive real estate and all that. Without a pale, as they say. Why Bablishka to this magnificence, Scott can not clearly explain in court.

Third, the little things. OneCoin has long been ignited that there is a usual pyramidosis, and not a crypto-blockchain-something-there. The irony is that the OneCoin scammers really tried to reach the blockchain developers, but either they were sent, or they squeezed the dough for development. Pyramid workers, if they pay well for that, only for luxury items and other cinquefoils. For the rest, they prefer not to pay at all. On the other hand, someone seems to have even been hired, but it is unclear whether the real development is ongoing or whether the characters are used as an IT escort.

Fourth. The most interesting. During the interrogation of Konstantin Ignatov (considered co-author of the pyramid with his sister Ruzhi Ignatova), he said that he had a serious "roof" in the form of a "rich and powerful Russian." Which would be logical, because I do not believe in pyramid construction by the Bulgarians. But if Russia, with a rich school from MMM to all sorts of blockchain-MLM-pyramids and Decenturion, really led the process of squeezing dough from naive suckers - then I am quite ready to believe it. After all, at first, BTCe also seemed like an international crypto-exchange. But it turned out to be an ordinary Russian-Ukrainian pyramid.