February 4, 2023

Director of Bithumb Global revealed the secret of successful investment

On October 16, Javier Sim, co-founder and manager, spoke at the international Blockchain Life-2019 conference in Moscow Director of the cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb Global. In his speech, he spoke about the latest trends in the blockchain industry and revealed the secret of how to determine truly promising projects.

According to Sim, in the coming years inblockchain industry is expected to appear high-profile projects from large international corporations, both in the financial and in the technology sector. He mentioned JPM Coin from JP Morgan Bank, Libra from Facebook, blockchain solutions from the retail giant Walmart and many projects from other companies that are engaged in blockchain development.

He also noted that the blockchain communityis expanding rapidly: 40 million people in the world have cryptocurrencies - in the United States alone, as of July 2019, at least 9% of residents owned any cryptocurrency assets. And, unlike local financial markets with traditional instruments such as stocks and securities, cryptocurrency trading is more global and cross-border.

Additionally, Sim mentioned that Russia isOne of the most significant markets in the blockchain industry: its investors were pioneers in the cryptocurrency market, and developers are highly competent in the field of blockchain technologies.

After the conference, in Empire's loft towerMoscow City, a closed evening was held, where both representatives of Russian business and business publications and world opinion leaders attended: Christophe Jaszczynski (MM Crypto), Herbert Sim (The Bitcoin Man), Evan Luthra, Mattias Mende, representatives of Russia Today, RBC, NewsBTC and many others.

It’s worth recalling that Bithumb Global isA universal trading platform with extensive tools and innovative financial solutions, which accumulates the channel of global cryptocurrency traffic and has a powerful network of local communities around the world.

Bithumb Global does not promote blockchain projects through IEO, but offers to use the new BG Staging tool, which allows attracting investors to young projects.

It is important that on October 21, 2019, the Russian-language version of the service was launched.

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