July 22, 2024

Near the Kiev crypto-exchanger shot from a machine gun

Near the Kiev crypto-exchanger shot from a machine gun

Yesterday, a machine gun burst sounded near the Kyiv crypto exchanger.

Two injured and 14 arrested –This is the end of the conflict between activists and employees of a cryptocurrency exchanger.  

Oleksiy Seredyuk, an activist of one of the Ukrainian radical parties, ended up in the hospital.Seredyuk is a member of the Brotherhood party, which is known for its high-profile protests. 

The name of the second victim is unknown.

According to the police, warning shots from the assault rifle were fired into the air.There are no gunshot wounds among the participants in the fight.What is the essence of the conflict, and who is the initiatorIt is not yet known. 

Special forces and an investigative-operational group arrived at the scene and arrested the participants in the fight.In fact, a criminal case was initiated under the article - hooliganism.

Local media have made speculation about the racket. Perhaps the nationalists demanded money from a bitcoin exchanger.

Mikhail Chobanyan, the head of the Ukrainian crypto exchange Kuna, suggested that two cryptocurrency structures were in conflict. In this case, radical activists could be recruited as "mercenaries".

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