March 8, 2021

Overview of the Ukrainian cryptocurrency exchange Kuna

 Overview of the Ukrainian cryptocurrency exchange Kuna

Kuna is a Ukrainian exchange that has been operating since 2015. The platform team is part of the Bitcoin Foundation, popularizes cryptocurrency and develops a network of cryptomats in the country.

Kuna is one of the most popular exchanges in the CIS space, it has a wide functionality and a fairly large liquidity. In this article, we'll take a look at the features of Kuna.


Register on the exchange by email address. After confirming registration by mail, the user is prompted to attach a debit or credit card to top up the account.

You can trade using a special program without registration.


In 2019, Kuna launched the 5-Click Trading System, which allows you to buy cryptocurrency in 5 easy steps without creating an account. This method takes 30 seconds if you have a wallet.

39 fiat-cryptocurrencies are available on the platformsteam. Most popular: BTC / UAH, ETH / UAH, USDT / UAH, XRP / UAH, BTC / USDT. Users can deposit fiat currencies into accounts using credit cards, however the platform does not accept bank transfers. You can deposit funds only with a Ukrainian credit card.

USD and RUB deposits are accepted through third party platforms such as Advanced Cash, Perfect Money or KUNA Code.

KUNA Code is the exchange's proprietary deposit method.It allows you to transfer assets outside the exchange space. The user can release the Kuna Code, which can be activated by 2 people: the creator of the code and the specified recipient. KUNA Code works without commission.


Kuna offers a flat 0.25% buy and sell commission. After depositing 100 KUN on the account, the user can receive the VIP status.

The commission depends on the status of the account: the commission for PRO Maker or VIP Trader is 0%, and for the maker - 0.125% and the taker - 0.25%.

Withdrawal fees on the exchange are 0.0005 BTC, which is below the industry average.

KUN Token

KUN is an internal platform token that is used to pay for PRO accounts, increase limits and reduce commissions.

The ERC-20 standard token was released in 2016. The last price of KUN is $ 8.38, the market cap of the coin is $ 16,760.77.

Kuna website

The site has a simple and modern design andoffers three languages: Russian, Ukrainian and English. The site has a "video presentation of the service" that introduces new users to the process of using the platform.

The exchange also maintains a referral program, inwhich claims that users can "receive up to 75% commission on all their referrals." also supports a mobile app that can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

Kuna safety

Kuna still hasn't experienced any major problems.with hacks and bugs. The withdrawal process is protected by two-factor authentication and a confirmation email. You can also find tips on the Kuna website to help keep your funds safe.

The site is transparent, supports customer service via email. The site lacks information about the call center.

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