June 25, 2024

Muir Glacier hard fork for Ethereum blockchain bomb

Muir Glacier hard fork for Ethereum blockchain bomb

The Ethereum network underwent a hard fork this Thursday January 2, the second in a row for a month.

The Muir Glacier update was activated at block 9,200,000, which was mined by the Spark Pool on January 2, 2020 at 11:30:49 UTC.

Оно содержит лишь одно предложение по улучшению Ethereum — EIP 2384. The code change written in it will allow you to delay the difficulty bomb, which is an algorithm embedded in the Ethereum protocol that can significantly increase the difficulty of mining blocks after activation, by another 4 million blocks or approximately 611 days.

This is the third time a network difficulty bomb has been deferred.Ethereum On December 8, the developers held a hard fork of Istanbul, aimed at changing the model for calculating resources for some operations, but due to inaccuracies in the forecast, they were forced to prepare for a new update shortly afterwards. Previously, they expected the complexity bomb to begin to have a significant impact on network performance only by mid-2020.

Some developers claimed that the bombdifficulties must be removed completely, but the update had to be carried out in a short time, because of which it was decided to resort to the already tried practice of deferment.

Muir Glacier update was also launched in the Ropsten test network at block 7 117 117, other test networks continue to function without changes.

According to Ethernodes, 80% of Ethereum nodes are prepared for today's update.

Muir Glacier hard fork for Ethereum blockchain bomb


Many criticized the developers' decisionupdate on holidays. According to Ethernodes data, Binance, Huobi, Bitfinex, Poloniex and some other crypto exchanges have not yet announced support for Muir Glacier. At the time of writing, 98.5% of nodes have updated their software to the latest version.

The Ethereum community did not expect that the “bombcomplexity" will begin to affect the block generation time so quickly, but the calculations turned out to be erroneous. In order not to delay the Istanbul hard fork to incorporate the corresponding changes, the developers proposed a separate upgrade.

The "bomb of complexity" on the long journey to Ethereum 2.0 is postponed for the third time.


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