February 22, 2024

Ethereum will hold a hard fork to transfer complexity bomb

Ethereum will hold a hard fork to transfer complexity bomb

Ethereum developers have agreed to carry out an urgent hard fork shortly after the Istanbul update, which will belaunched next Saturday, Trustnodes writes. Miners and other representatives of the ecosystem also took part in the discussion, unanimously supporting the idea of ​​the need to delay the complexity bomb.

The discussion was built around the issue of fullremoval of the mechanism or its next reconfiguration. According to one of the voiced opinions, the removal of the bomb could give rise to a negative reaction from the community. However, no one spoke out against the postponement.

Tim Beiko from the PegaSys startup, speaking about inflation issues, noted:

“I want to draw attention to the fact that this will be the first deferral of a bomb without changing emissions.”

James Hancock, calling himself a hard fork coordinator, said:

“I believe that we should not change emissions again. The hash rate is already falling, so I’m not sure if we want to lower the security fee even further. ”

Wei Tang from Parity startup, responsible for developing one of Ethereum's leading clients, added:

“Whether it is deferring a bomb, defusing a bomb or changing a reward, we just need to tweak the configuration, so I think we can handle it in a short time.”

Ethereum Foundation employee Hudson Jameson, who is responsible for public relations of developers, said that he thought the idea of ​​holding a hard fork in mid-January was successful:

“Then we will have enough time to update the nodes, regardless of their current state.”

Last year the same hudson jameson statedthat from the calculations it is necessary to exclude the whole of December due to the long weekend, as a result of which the planned fork with emission reduction was activated only at the end of February.

Now, however, the developers are ready to give uprequirements for testing, auditing and preparing nodes in an effort to avoid the negative consequences of activating a complexity bomb. As noted earlier, it has already begun to influence the rate of release of blocks and the daily level of ether emissions.