June 18, 2024

Ethereum Network Upgrades Muir Glacier

Ethereum Network Upgrades Muir Glacier

On January 2, the Muir Glacier hard fork took place on the Ethereum network. The purpose of the update is to delay the “difficulty bomb”4 million blocks.

The Muir Glacier hard fork happened in justa month after the Istanbul update. The update was activated at block 9,200,000, which was mined by the Spark Pool. The upgrade contains only one proposal to improve the network, namely delaying the difficulty bomb by 4 million blocks (~611 days). 

Difficulty Bomb – mechanism thatgradually increases the difficulty of creating new blocks. The Ethereum roadmap states that the difficulty bomb is another step towards the network transition to proof-of-stake. 

It is worth noting that most exchanges are still notsupports update. Two days ago, the Binance exchange announced its readiness for a hard fork, but exchanges such as Coinbase, Bithumb, Bitfinex have not yet announced support for Muir Glacier. 

In addition, according to Ethernodes, at the moment, about 80% of the active nodes in the network are ready to work with Muir Glacier, and the nethermind client is still having difficulty upgrading.

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