February 1, 2023

Investing in top Bitcoin traders

I want to share my experience in investing in the cryptocurrency market. Started working with a site where you can use the experience of successful traders and safelymultiply your bitcoins. This platform displays the rating of top traders who trade on Bitmex. For each trader, you can view the real statistics of his trades, and all his trading conditions.
Statistics are tightened over the entire time the trader is working and updated every 15 minutes. Traders cannot manipulate statistics, because it is pulled directly from the Bitmex exchange.
Investing in top Bitcoin traders

After registering on the site, I became able to select traders and transfer my bitcoins through the API keys to control.
My cue ball is on the exchange account and the trader can only take them into management, but can not withdraw my funds.
To minimize the risks, I spread my cue ball through this platform to several traders.
I fully control this type of investment through my exchange account and at any time I can detective API Keys.