February 6, 2023

Retired at 30 (service to the tsar is optional)

No, it’s not to become a homeless person and spend all the money on sterilization at the MFC, as the underachievement tells us can an employee of the hut ala “tinkoff investment” infocany napensiyu35, who brings all those who disagree with it, to the emergency? Wherever I wait.
It's simple, we have been working for 8 years.experience, we gossip with a cooler about a credit Ford focus and a mortgage, charge gadgets and mine bitcoin at the workplace, excellent if you have a shower at work, you can save on good work.
After 8 years, it’s time to retire, because we have earned 100% sick leave, it’s good if you mined cue ball at work or earned on deposit, or maybe even learned to profitably speculate on RFR or elsewhere.
Leaving, Hello pension! We get up to the Employment Center and get 10,000 rubles for 6 months (the stump is clear, we didn’t work for the mole, but officially worked). We automatically become low-income and demand deposit privileges at a compound interest, lump-sum allowance and social contract, there are a penny of course, but don’t forget about the eighth wonder of the world. After 6 months of doing nothing, we geta 50% discount on a communal apartment, because cue ball is now mined at home and not at work, saved by someone like me, I have 5000 thousand on deposit (standing on the labor exchange in the summer is more profitable, in winter we are poor for communal services)
Six months later, when the allowance begins to decline,we go to “work” for the summer period for 6 months in the CH we look for a warm place where it’s warm and you don’t need to work, you can go to the store during working hours and trade in profit (to shorten the market when there are info gypsies ala 35 years old), if anyone it interferes with profitable trading or generally getting high, we take sick leave and trade from home, after 6 months back to the health center for allowance and two-week vacations, in summer it’s cheaper at sea profit again.
We invest further in a circle
Consider a complex percentage yourself, you don’t need to save as that bichara, as well as cripple your children with your investment)
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