December 5, 2023

Retired at 30 (service to the tsar is optional)

No, this is not becoming homeless and taking all the money for sterilization to the MFC, as a dropout tells uscan an employee of the hut ala “tinkoff investment” infocany napensiyu35, who brings all those who disagree with it, to the emergency? Wherever I wait.
It’s simple, we’ve been working for 8 years and we’re recruitinglife experience, gossiping at the cooler about credit Ford Focus and mortgages, charging gadgets and mining Bitcoin at work, it’s great if you have a shower at work, you can save money on a good job.
In 8 years it's time to retire, becausewe earned 100% sick leave, it’s good if we mined bitcoins at work or earned money on a deposit, and maybe even learned how to profitably speculate on RDF or somewhere else.
Let's quit, Hello retirement!We go to the Employment Center and get 10,000 rubles for 6 months (it’s clear that we didn’t work for minimum wage, but officially worked). We automatically become poor and demand benefits for a deposit at a compound interest rate, a one-time benefit and a social contract, there are pennies of course, but don’t forget aboutthe eighth wonder of the world.After 6 months of doing nothing, let's go get ita 50% discount on utilities, because now we mine bitcoins at home and not at work, the savings from anyone, I have 5,000 thousand for a deposit (it’s more profitable to be on the labor exchange in the summer, in the winter the utilities are higher for this period, we are low-income)
In six months when the benefit startsdecline, we go to “work” for the summer period for 6 months in the central zone, we look for a warm place where it’s warm and you don’t have to work, you can go to the store during working hours and trade at a profit (short the market when infogypsies come on the scene ala 35 years old), if someone prevents you from trading profitably or getting a buzz in general, we go on sick leave and trade from home, after 6 months we return to the Central Bank for benefits and two-week vacations, in the summer it’s cheaper at seaprofit again.
We invest further in a circle,
Consider a complex percentage yourself, you don’t need to save as that bichara, as well as cripple your children with your investment)
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