November 29, 2022

Startup PRISM service tech. analysis for traders

Hello! ;))

So, I decided in advance to start the story about the idea of ​​creating a service, which, I hope, in will see the light soon and as I hope many of you will enjoy it incredibly;))

A resource with gameplay elements will beProvide analytics and trading instructions. The idea is to make something like chess in the world of financial markets. For the most part, we have already figured out exactly how to do this, but we are still generating and discussing new additional ideas.

Who are we? A small motley team. Some of us have been engaged in trading and analytics for more than 10 years and have tried many trading strategies, while others only get acquainted with exchanges, but have succeeded as specialists in other fields. Based on the diverse experience and complexity of approaches, we decided to create a “national” project on financial markets, which will be interesting for both beginners and experienced experts.

In this post I will talk about a number of things thatIndividuals may seem commonplace, but nevertheless deserve mention as part of the puzzle, which, when formed, led to those ideas that it was decided to implement in the project.

When you ask yourself, “how to knit togethercondition on exchanges ”An analysis of the news and the impact of economic processes on the price looks reasonable, solid and it would seem that it allows us to understand why we make decisions about buying or selling a specific financial instrument. At the same time, this approach means the need for expert judgment to make each decision. Those. we need to either become experts, or find and hire those. The vast majority of more or less convincing sources agree that only 10% of traders remain successful at a distance of 10 years, and if we are talking about FOREX, it is likely 1%. So if you take a prudent look, then becoming experts and relying solely on your strengths is not promising, because the likelihood that we will succeed is small ... Hiring people who have already proved themselves to be successful players for 10 or more years makes the project dependent on the human factor . To minimize the risk, you need to find 10-50 experts. In this case, if one leaves, we can rely on data from another 49 people, while we look for a replacement. But still, difficulties remain. The cost of services of confirmed specialists can be high. Of course, you can try to get away from this problem, for example, receiving relatively inexpensive signals from professionals through special services. But even with this solution, questions arise:

  1. Where is the guarantee that some of these specialists will not turn out to be a hoax of service owners, on which they demonstrate their results?
  2. Will it be possible to systematically compare the signals of 50 different analysts and traders in such a way as to get forecasts for the same instruments, and even at approximately the same time intervals?

To do this, you need to choose a common"Language", i.e. a method of technical analysis that will not cause discrepancies in the description of graphs. The answer to the question “how to make such a system gain popularity?” I already slightly spoiled at the beginning of the post - we are talking about gamification.
Of course there is still a romantic hope thatif the system will maximize the advantages of technical analysis and minimize its shortcomings, then it itself will gain popularity among those who regularly make correct forecasts. Then it remains to unite these people in one place. The future service, which will be convenient for communication and simplification of work, can also become such a place.
Those. the idea is to bring all the strings to one point ...

Here I offer a short video, but I will continue the story in other posts. - group in vk