May 28, 2023

Interpol will track darkcoin cryptocurrency crime

Interpol has begun cooperation with South Korean startup S2W LAB to curb illegal activities in darknet and cryptocurrency crime.

As noted in Interpol, mostIllegal activities on the darknet are carried out with the participation of cryptocurrencies. According to the official announcement, the International Criminal Police Organization has signed an agreement with South Korean startup S2W LAB to provide data extracted from the darknet.

Darknet has long been a criminal epicenteractivities. However, it is extremely difficult to track the information passing through the darknet, which means that many dangerous criminals never appear in court.

South Korean startup S2W LAB trackshuge amounts of darknet data since 2018 and has already created its own database of such data. Using a multi-domain analytical mechanism based on artificial intelligence, a company can analyze data and discover relationships between several time periods and domains.

S2W LAB attracted Interpol's attention thanks toseveral authoritative articles published on this subject, as well as a number of international patents received by the company. The company's technical director, professor at the Korea Advanced Technology Institute, Shin Seung-won, is a member of the Interpol Subcommittee for Investigating Cryptocurrency Crimes. He noted:

“Respond to cybercrime on darknetit’s very difficult because of its characteristics and the widespread use of cryptocurrencies ... We will assist in international investigations and contribute to the technology that will be used for good purposes. ”

Recall that at the beginning of the year, Interpol led the operation to combat the spread of Coinhive's hidden mining program.