June 17, 2024

interesting facts about Bitcoin

“Bitcoin has the right balance of pros and cons. That is why he is so popular. "

Julian Assange

We present to your attention interesting facts about Bitcoin.
1) As of April 2019, the total number of Bitcoin transactions has exceeded 400 million.
2) As of April 30, 2019, the richest Bitcoin wallet address had 125,805 BTC ($674,551,479), which is 0.714% of the total number of Bitcoins in existence.
3) As of November 2017, 3.79 million Bitcoins have already been lost.
4) November 16, 2017 was the day when the Bitcoin network witnessed the highest value transaction of $2.8 billion.
5) There was a time when you could mine bitcoins using any processor as the difficulty was only 1.
6) Bitcoin has almost 9,000 mining nodes, while its closest competitor Ethereum has about three times, 25,000 nodes to be exact.