Jul 1, 2022

TOP 5 games on the blockchain, the most interesting projects for 2019

TOP 5 games on the blockchain, the most interesting projects for 2019

Collectible card tournaments, cartoon cat competitions, and hero hunting are all varied games use blockchain technology, giving users a unique experience.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are starting to gain momentum in the gaming community, and it's not just about using bitcoins to buy in-game items or bets in e-sports competitions.

Developers use blockchain to createa unique in-game economy in which rare items are extremely valuable, and players owning digital assets therefore buy, sell them or trade them at their discretion.

But at the moment it seems thatgame developers just do not understand what benefits blockchain technology provides. However, today there are games that are really worth playing. Here is a selection of five blockchain games worth paying attention to.

Gods unchained

Gods Unchained has done a lot latelynoise when the creators of Immutable had problems with a major publisher of Blizzard Entertainment due to the removal of a professional player in Hearthstone because he advocated the separation of Hong Kong from China. To declare itself at this very moment is a finely calculated marketing move of a start-up company. And it is justified, because Immutable's Gods Unchained is a rival to Hearthstone.

This card battle for PC and Mac is very similar to Hearthstone and other Magic: The Gathering games, where the deck gathers in an attempt to exhaust its opponent and defeat him.

But the blockchain game Gods Unchained hasadvantage: cardholders can buy, sell and exchange them as they wish. As in real card games, some cards are incredibly rare. One of the Gods Unchained Mythic Titans cards was sold for nearly 146.3 ETH (about $ 26,000). Gods Unchained is available in beta and already looks very good until the full release, which will be timed to coincide with the world e-sports champion.

Beyond the void

B2Expand Beyond the Void offers a hybridmultiplayer online battle mechanics (MOBA) and real-time strategy (RTS). However, unlike the popular MOBAs such as League of Legends and Dota 2, this game leads you to the stars in a 1 on 1 scheme instead of a team fight.

In the game you choose your spaceship andskills before heading to an opponent who starts on the other end of the galactic map. Along the way, you exchange shots, maneuvering, extracting resources and conquering planets, and all this in the hope of defeating your opponent. In addition to the Void system controlled by the blockchain, the game gives a real right to own items, not to mention the ability to use items belonging to players in several games on the Nexarium platform.

However, Beyond the Void has been working without updates for a year now, as B2Expand is busy developing the next blockchain game, Light Trail Rush.


CryptoKitties was one of the first games thatdrew enormous attention to the potential of blockchain games. In it, the cryptocurrency Ethereum is used to buy cute cartoon cats with various attributes and varying degrees of rarity. You can breed them to pass on the genetic properties to future generations, creating new breeds of cats. As in other blockchain games, you can freely sell cats as you wish.

CryptoKitties is very simple but attracts manythe ability to breed cats and achieve success with a self-bred rare breed of kittens. Buying and breeding cost money, or rather ethers. So periodically monitor how this affects your wallet.

My crypto heroes

What do Jack the Ripper, Maria have in commonAntoinette and Santa Claus? All of them are collectible heroes in My Crypto Heroes, in the game many historical characters and legendary personalities turn into ordinary role-playing fighters.

The created team of heroes goes on questsor battle arenas, gradually improving their skills. Of course, the collecting aspect is key in this blockchain game: you can buy and trade heroes and works of art using the GUM currency (which you can buy for broadcasts). The design is rather modest, but the style of pixel art is great, and from a strange set of heroes funny and unexpected pairs can turn out.

Spells of genesis

Spells of Genesis is a combination of strategiccard gaming with old-school arcades, it is similar to Orbital, but with a fantastic role-playing theme. Players throw cards that bounce off the stage and hit all enemies. The challenge is to destroy your enemies before they can attack.

Although the game is available on PC and Mac, as well as on iOS andAndroid, ultimately Spells of Genesis, is pretty straightforward entertainment for mobile devices. However, much more is happening outside the scope of a fairly simple gameplay, since the destructive power of your strike is determined by the hero cards in your deck.

In this blockchain game, you own cards and can trade them as you wish. In general, Spells of Genesis itself is very funny, even if you do not dig deep.