January 31, 2023

Bitcoin (BTC) became the most profitable asset for 2019

Bitcoin (BTC) became the most profitable asset for 2019

There is much debate about whether Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are better than traditional investments, such like stocks and bonds. Judging by the current results of 2019, then Bitcoin wins this competition again.

After the end of 2017, Bitcoin reachedhis historical maximum of $ 20,000, in 2018 he experienced a significant drop to $ 3,800. However, according to the current results of 2019, the situation is again in favor of bitcoin. Since the beginning of the year, bitcoin has actually added more than 140%.

A simple comparison of bitcoin and traditional assets shows that cryptocurrency is breaking far ahead:

For example, Nasdaq stocks added just 30%, S&P 500 - 24%, US dollar - 4%, oil - 21%, which is significantly lower compared to the same bitcoin indicator (140%).

Interestingly, gold (GLD) added valueonly 18% since the beginning of 2019. A comparison of bitcoin and gold is especially important, given that bitcoin is called digital gold, which allows you to save value.

Although 2019 has not yet ended, it is likelythat Bitcoin will be able to maintain its leading position and even add to the price. And then we can definitely say that Bitcoin is the most effective asset in 2019.