June 18, 2024

Hydra Darknet Marketplace Launches Fundraising ICO

Hydra Darknet Marketplace Launches Fundraising ICO

It's no secret that the anonymity of cryptocurrencies appeals not only to crypto enthusiasts, but also toviolators of the law. They are especially popular on the darknet: there most of the prohibited goods are sold for digital currencies. One of the stores conducting such a trade suddenly announced an ICO.

Darkra Marketplace Hydra announces planslaunch a transnational decentralized platform for the sale of prohibited goods. Funding for this project will be raised through an ICO. This is stated in the investment memorandum published by the management of the site. According to available information, 49% of the tokenized share of the project will be put up for sale.

Hydra is an online store, virtual storefrontswhich is full of all kinds of narcotic drugs, an abundance of which the coffee shops of Amsterdam will envy. And for our local Russian junkies, which Amsterdam saw only on YouTube, Hydra serves as Mecca in the literal and figurative sense.

Representatives of Hydra also reported that the large-scale investigation by the news publication Lenta.ru about their confrontation with the RAMP marketplace was an advertising campaign.

In turn, the chief editor of Lenta VladimirTodorov said that reports from Hydra “do not contain a single word of truth” and are aimed at creating problems with the regulatory authorities for his publication.

ICO by Hydra

The funds raised during the ICO are promised to be usedto create a “transnational decentralized platform for the sale of prohibited goods.” What differences will there be from the existing platform — unclear. Apparently, Hydra management hopes to make their business even more anonymous, although no one is really trying to cover them up.

During the ICO it is planned to sell 49% to investorsbusiness, that is, the controlling stake will remain with the management. How exactly will this money be used to expand the illegal platform — unknown. Perhaps the funds will be used to purchase even more advertising in leading Russian media.

And if before the police covered homegrownof kladmen who scattered bookmarks on porches for 600 rubles, now, after the Hydra ICO, anyone who invests their money in the development of a site prohibited in all countries can go under the article. We do not recommend anyone to buy their tokens, as well as generally visit this site, persistent rumors are that even through TOR it is not safe to do this.

Do not exclude the likelihood thatthe management of the site will simply disappear after raising funds, and you will not succeed in going to court with claims. So, most likely, it is better to spend a stash on your own education, obey your mother and not use forbidden resources in search of cheap escape from reality. But we do not blame anyone; your actions are only your choice.

We also note that the actions of Hydra can harmICO market and cryptocurrencies in Russia as a whole. This step can be called a bold and rather arrogant spit in the direction of the law, which may be followed by a response. We will monitor the development of the situation.

Disclaimer: we warn readers that the Hydra website carries out illegal activities in Russia.