June 18, 2024

HYDRA Narcotics ICO. The investment we deserve.

Trash of the month.Drug marketplace HYDRA has issued an "investment memorandum" is going to hold a roundattracting investments, suspiciously similar to an ICO.

"HYDRA offers a unique opportunityinvestment interaction. Launching a global international project requires huge investments that will be spent on software development, creating your own infrastructure and promotion. Given the magnitude of the upcoming cost, we decided to raise additional funds from potential investors.

</em>A 49% stake in the project will be put up for sale. An investment share of 49% will be expressed by the issuance of 1,470,000 tokens. The starting price for 1 single token is 100 US dollars. 100 tokens give the right to receive 0.00333333% of the project’s net profit. Attractiveness for investors is ensured by guaranteed success, the subsequent increase in the price of tokens and the receipt of dividends from the net profit of the project.

</em> To receive dividends from the project profityou must be the holder of an affiliate package of tokens, the number of which should be above 100. Financial statistics will be available to investor-partners of the project to control their profits.&quot;

It is interesting how our legislators will react to this. Suddenly stir. At least cryptans have already begun to get nervous that there is no better reason to ban cryptocurrencies and transplant everyone and not come up with.