July 6, 2022

How Bitcoin will ruin us all ?!

How Bitcoin will ruin us all ?!

“A huge new industry has sprung up, and many have made fortunes on Bitcoin” (Richard Branson).

But what do we all not really agree? And what do we only hear in the news?

Many people know that thanks to cryptocurrency andIn Russia and in the world, literally in a few months, a huge number of millionaires appeared. Many of them became such involuntarily: they bought bitcoin in 2012, safely forgot, and in 2017 they sold for 18 thousand dollars. Others painstakingly studied the cryptocurrency market, played on races, experimented - and in the end earned impressive capital. On the Internet, there are a lot of success stories, as well as manuals for buying and mining crypto.

And yet there are those who have burnt out on this matter, have unsuccessfully invested, but few people want to talk about such an experience for some reason ..

August 7 experts with years of experienceInvesting - Irina Ivchenko and Anna Pleshkova will tell you how not to get burned out on investments and not become bankrupt, what fraud schemes are used by scammers to lure money from you and how else you can manage to make money on the cryptocurrency market.

Irina Ivchenko is an active investor in the cryptocurrency market, 12 years of experience in business and investment. Maximum daily income on cryptocurrency trading 400%

Anna Pleshkova - co-founder of the international CryptoLady Association, founder of the YouTube channel “Cryptooptimist”, advisor of the European project “TokenDesk”

August 7- free cryptocurrency webinar “Lossless investments.

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