December 11, 2023

Hackers stole $ 35 million from the Vee Finance DeFi project

The attackers withdrew $26 million in Ethereum and $9 million in Bitcoin.Users were advised to pause everythingoperations on the platform pending further announcement.

Hackers hacked the Vee Finance DeFi project, whichworks on the Avalanche blockchain, and stole $ 35 million worth of cryptocurrency.In total, 8804.7 ETH ($ 26 million) and 213.93 BTC ($ 9 million) were stolen. The developers of the project published the address to which the attackers transferred the stolen funds.

The project representatives addressed the criminals andoffered them a reward for finding a bug. More detailed information about the incident has not yet been reported. Users were advised to suspend operations until the next announcement.

The Vee Finance project was launched on September 14th. Last Saturday, September 18, the developers reported that the total amount of blocked funds on the platform exceeded $ 300 million.