February 8, 2023

Go to Hodl Hodl: Basic Functionality

Hodl Hodl continues a series of educational posts dedicated to traders who trade on other P2P venues but are familiar or not very familiar with Hodl Hodl (hodlhodl.com).

This material from the series “Switch to Hodl Hodl” explains the basic functionality that may not be clear at a glance.

Payment Methods

In fact, not everyone knows that Hodl Hodl allows you to offer new payment methods to the exchange and that anyone can do it.

Since Hodl Hodl is a P2P exchange, paymentThe methods used by our customers do not change the way we operate - the buyer pays the seller directly, and we are not involved in this process. Therefore, you can add any payment method to the exchange, it can be a bank transfer (for example, the name of a particular bank), a payment system, cryptocurrency or something else.

In order to do this, go to the “Payment methods” tab, which you will find in the user menu, where you can add new payment methods.

As soon as the payment method is confirmed by the exchange administrators (to avoid repetition, incorrect names, etc.), the new payment method will be available to everyone to use.

Link your profile to another P2P exchange

Hodl Hodl is a young exchange and, obviously, we want to collect all traders from other P2P exchanges on Hodl Hodl.

Therefore, one of our goals is to make the processThe transition is as simple as possible, and the first step was taken a long time ago: you can link your profile on another P2P exchange to a profile on Hodl Hodl and share your reputation and the number of transactions with our users.

Anyone can do it on the page.edit the profile in the “P2P Profiles” section simply by following the instructions. As soon as the administration confirms your request, links to your Localbitcoins or Paxful profiles will be displayed in your Hodl Hodl profile.

Also, for everyone who goes through this procedure, we give 0% of the exchange commission for one month.

Referral program

Referral systems are not new, most cryptocurrency exchanges have a referral system, but we would like to shed light on this.

We give you a referral link (or code) thatyour friends can use during registration. For each transaction that they complete, you get between 5% and 10% of the exchange commission that we earn directly in your Bitcoin wallet.

The percentage of your referral payments depends on how many people you brought to the exchange, and the hallmark of our referral system is that it's forever: You will always receive interest from the transactions of your referrals.

Reduced Exchange Commission

In order to increase the time that our users spend online, we reduce your commission for the time online.

20% off for everyonewho has been online for at least 8 of the last 24 hours.

As soon as the time in the network in the last 24 hours becomes less than 8, the exchange commission returns to its original level.


This is not something we are proud of, but because of the nature of our exchange (we do not conduct KYC / AML and cannot freeze the user's funds in case of scam - we just do not store funds) we introduced limits for everyone.

Each of our clients has limits:

  • Maximum trading amount (initial limit of 1 BTC per trade);
  • Number of simultaneous trades (initial limit of 4 transactions at a time);
  • Number of active offers (initial limit 4 offers).

It definitely helps us tie our hands.scammers, but also causes inconvenience to our users. Therefore, user limits are reduced as they increase the volume and frequency of trading - more detailed information is available in the FAQ / Help section.

Offer bot

Another thing that we would like to shed light on when a new offer is created on Hodl Hodl, we will automatically post information about it in specially created ones:

  • Twitter account
  • Telegram channel


If you are having trouble finding a business partner at Hodl Hodl, we can help.

On the page you can send an OTC request, and our managers will bring you to the counterparty. This will be done according to your requests and at no additional cost.

BitNovosti.com publishes this press release “as is” and the information provided cannot be regarded as investment advice from the editorial board. The reader conducts an independent analysis and makes a decision at his own risk.