March 4, 2024

Go to Hodl Hodl: Introduction

Hodl Hodl is launching a series of educational posts dedicated to traders who trade on other P2P platforms,but are familiar or not very familiar with Hodl Hodl (


Based on our experience, we know that experienced traders especially value their time, therefore it is very important for platform representatives to speed up the process of familiarizing themselves with the exchange.

That's why we decided to make a series of posts in order to facilitate the transition from other P2P exchanges to Hodl Hodl, as well as save your time.

What to expect

In the posts on the “Move to Hodl Hodl” series, we’ll explain:

— What is Hodl Hodl;
— Our differences from other P2P exchanges;
— Process of work from the technical side;
— Main functionality;
— How to switch to Hodl Hodl from other exchanges;

Also in these articles we will mention other things that may be of interest to you. Further posts will be accompanied by pictures for your better understanding.

If you are an experienced P2P trader, contact us through any of the channels and offer any topic that interests you for this series of posts.

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