February 20, 2024

Hodl Hodl and BlueWallet Partnership

Non-custodial P2P exchange Hodl Hodl and Bitcoin wallet BlueWallet are partnering with each other toBlueWallet users could trade on Hodl Hodl.

During the Lightning Conference in Berlin (19-20.10), the Hodl Hodl P2P exchange and the BlueWallet Bitcoin wallet have agreed on an integration that will allow BlueWallet users to buy and sell bitcoins on-chain and on the Lightning network on the Hodl Hodl on a P2P basis.

In more detail, the integration will allow BlueWallet users to buy and sell peer to peer bitcoins on Hodl Hodl directly from the BlueWallet interface, in both on-chain and Lightning exchange modes.

“We believe that the integration will add liquidity toHodl Hodl, especially in Lightning trades. Most recently, we announced the release of our API before the end of this year, and a standalone API escrow platform by early 2020, BlueWallet will be one of the first partners to use our API technology, with many big announcements in the coming months. BlueWallet is a well-known Bitcoin wallet with a strong team, extensive experience and a good reputation. We are excited about the partnership and believe this partnership will help accelerate the adoption of Lightning and bring attention to non-custodial solutions for Bitcoin,” — said Max Keidun (Hodl Hodl).

“We tried to promote the Lightning adaptation onthroughout this year, conducting various experiments such as “app marketplace” or “lapp browser”, etc. For the first time, we will integrate directly with the exchange, through Lightning. We plan to push the Lightning economy further, educate the public about it, and open-source the work we've done so others can replicate it faster. Hodl Hodl is a great partner to start doing this”, — said Nuno Coelho (BlueWallet).