November 29, 2022

French Central Bank Unveils Digital Currency Plans

French Central Bank Unveils Digital Currency Plans

The Bank of France has opened a job as an analyst and software developer in the department of financial stability and banking operations, which will study the implementation of blockchain and digital currencies.

Candidates for these positions must have experiencework in the field of cryptoeconomics, the use of blockchain (private and public), the use of cryptocurrency networks. The announcement said that their main task will be to apply blockchain technologies to key banking functions.

Among the requirements for the analyst, it is also indicated that he will have to interact with other europeanexperts in this field, participate in the verification of various concepts inside and outside the bank, as well as determine economic issues related to monetary policy.

Earlier, the Central Bank had already experimented with a digital identification system based on the blockchain, and its head recently called on other countries to create a unified regulatory framework for the cryptocurrency market.

In addition, the French Ministry of Education plans to supplement the high school curriculum with a module that will focus on cryptocurrency and its impact on the economy.