November 27, 2022

Venezuelan Central Bank considers storage of cryptocurrencies

Venezuelan Central Bank considers storage of cryptocurrencies

The Central Bank of Venezuela is studying storage technologies for bitcoins and ether to ensure their safe placement in the state treasury.

According to Bloomberg, the state oil and gasPetroleos de Venezuela SA asked the Central Bank to consider this issue, because of the sanctions, it is having difficulty receiving fiat payments from foreign customers.

PSDV plans to transfer bitcoins and ether to the central bank in order to be able to pay cryptocurrency providers. Hoping to overcome the economic isolation, financiers began to actively study existing solutions for storing digital assets and how to account for them in the national reserve.

In addition to public cryptocurrencies, the country is activelypopularizes its national coin El Petro, which since July began to accept all branches of the Bank of Venezuela, and since December last year, used to pay pensions.

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: elpolitico